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Abtex Corporation is proud to be the U.S. supplier of Artifex’s innovative elastic bonded abrasives for polishing. Made of only the highest quality silicon carbide or aluminum oxide supported in a foamed polyurethane or rubber flexible matric, Artifex abrasive tools:
  • Conform perfectly to the workpiece profile

  • Blend at the surface only and are non-clogging and free cutting

  • Minimize operator errors thanks to grinding flexibility

  • In addition, they have large material contact, which reduces roughness

A wide range of industries rely on Artifex’s abrasives for an array of applications including:
  • Cylindrical and Internal cylindrical grinding

  • Surface and Flat Grinding

  • Fine, Cleaning, and Satin-Finishing

  • Mottling and Matte Finishing

  • Polishing and High Gloss Finishing

If you are in the aircraft, automotive, medical, printing, or electronics industries (just to name a few), then Artifex elastic bonded abrasives are perfect for your polishing and finishing needs. In addition, if you are in the U.S. there is only one place to get them, Abtex. Contact Abtex today, and speak to one of our Artifex elastic bonded abrasive experts for more information. 

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