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Abtex Advantages

Abtex: Industry Leading Deburring Technology Since 1980

Providing effective and efficient brushing solutions to customers for 33 years.

At Abtex, One Size Does Not Fit All

Utilizing  years of experience to manufacture filament brushes for any application.

Automated Deburring Systems from Abtex

These systems combine innovative brushing tools with state-of-the-art automation.

  Artifex's Elastic Bonded Abrasives Only From Abtex

Proud to be the U.S. supplier of Artifex's innovative elastic-bonded abrasives for polishing. 

What's New with Abtex?
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  Providing Solutions to Your Deburring Applications
Our engineers can create custom solution for your deburring projects.
Abtex Provides Engineered Deburring Systems for Specific Applications
Abtex manufactures single and double end deburring systems for many applications.
  Ensuring Quality and Efficiency with Our Deburring Tools
Using a unique and flexible manufacturing process allows us to tailor brushing tools to your needs.
Why Planetary Head Deburring?
A planetary head deburring approach can achieve greater accuracy and more uniform application.
  Deburring - The Necessary Evil
Abtex uses the latest technology to create custom brushes and deburring systems.
Customized Fine Blanked System for your Application Needs
Abtex provides custom solutions to your unique needs.
  Let Abtex Create an Engineered Deburring System For You
Carefully crafted preminum brushes ensure optimal results.