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Abtex Corporation Publishes New Catalog/Capabilities brochure

Abtex Catalog/Capabilities Brochure  

Abtex Corporation has published a combination catalog and capabilities brochure for its extensive line of abrasive filament brushes. The capabilities section helps customers design custom brushes and systems. The catalog contains specifications for current applications.

In the introduction, President Mark Fultz notes that abrasive filament brushes are engineered tools, and that Abtex’s flexible and unique manufacturing process allows for infinite variation of any aspect of a brush.

The attractive brochure’s cover photo is an Abtex planetary head system, superimposed in the hub of  a radial wheel brush. The radial wheel image is textured so that it feels like an actual brush.

Inside, the brochure has sections on the company’s application lab, automated deburring systems, engineered custom brushes, in-machine deburring, and Artifex elastic-bonded abrasives from Germany, which Abtex distributes. The catalog section contains specifications for traditional Abtex brushes, including disc, composite hub radial wheel, copper center radial wheel, end, tube type and Flex-Hone® brushes.