Abtex Corporation | A Deburring Technology Company

Abtex Introduces Ceramic Filament Brushing Tools

Abtex Corporation has added ceramic filament brushes to its popular line of abrasive fiber brushing tools. The new filaments are available in every brush configuration, and are mounted in the company's proprietary, molded, composite material.


Ceramic fiber has a hard, durable grain that produces many sharp cutting edges as it wears. This provides industries, such as aerospace, with the benefits of abrasive filaments on parts made with alloy steels.

Abtex customers who have tested the new ceramic brushes report improved brush life for their applications. Improved cycle times, so that more parts can be processed per hour, is an additional benefit.

Many shops using CNC machining centers with in-tool deburring capabilities also prefer ceramic abrasive brushes. Cycle time is money, and ceramic filament brushes faster cutting time reduces cycle time.

Abtex designs its ceramic brushes to be application specific. The company tests parts every day in their lab to determine if their customers' applications are suitable for this, or other abrasive filament products.

Established in 1980, Abtex Corporation manufactures silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and diamond, as well as ceramic filament abrasive fiber brushing tools. The company also manufactures automated brush deburring systems.