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Reed Visits Expanding Abtex Corp.

Congressman Reed Visits Abtex 
By John Christensen
The Chronicle-Express

DRESDEN– April 2015

U.S. Congressman Tom Reed recently visited Abtex Corporation, the Dresden based manufacturer of industrial deburring brushes and machinery. Reed was conducted through the factory, housed in the former Dresden Elementary School since 1988, by Company President Mark Fultz, who explained the role of abrasive nylon filament brushes for various industries including aerospace/aircraft, automotive, military, manufacturing, medical, metal finishing, and woodworking.

The brushes are used to polish machined surfaces while preserving the precise dimensions required. “We develop new products in response to customer needs. We encourage customers and prospective customers to ship parts to our lab,” says Fultz. There, Abtex engineers and technicians simulate the production operation and return the finished parts with a report detailing the procedures used to finish the part, and a proposal for designing and fabricating a production system for the process.

Beyond making the brushes themselves Abtex will customize a standard system or more often, design a completely new robotic system to finish those parts. “We’re a small company, but we have a big footprint in the market,” says Fultz. In fact, Abtex has reversed some of the trade imbalance with China, shipping their robotic systems to factories there.

Fultz told Reed that Abtex systems business has grown 63 percent year over year which helped to contribute to a 37 percent growth for the business as whole. “Abtex abrasive nylon filament brushes continue to be our main focus of business, but the expanded diversification in custom deburring solutions, automation, and robotics have helped to create additional value for our customer base and spur growth,” says Group Manager Jason Saner. “The growth in automotive has in turn fueled much of our own growth and we are literally bursting at the seams of the Dresden Elementary School!” As Saner spoke, production staff were trying to figure out where to put a large delivery of machine parts arriving the next day.

As a result of that growth, Abtex is currently seeking a Senior Design Engineer, a Process Engineer, as well as two openings in their production group; offering talented, local people who are looking for a rewarding career and an opportunity to work in the growing manufacturing field here in Yates County.