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Deburring of Saw Cut Aluminum Extrusions

Productivity  •  Quality  •  Safety 

What People Are Saying
"We needed a deburring system
to integrate into our line for a pack
out system. It had
to be able to deburr multiple
surfaces and we
wanted it to
compensate for brush wear.
Abtex's applications engineers were
extremely responsive in
their deburring
sample parts and
in their interface with our customer.
I was impressed
with their attention
to detail and the thought that
went into the unit.
We and our Fortune 500
customer would
go back to Abtex
in a minute."

- Dan Schwab Distech Systems • New York 

Recommended Brushes
      Quick. Clean. Efficient
Abtex end deburring systems increase  your productivity by decreasing cycle times over
hand deburring.
Accurate brush penetration is
maintained throughout each
production run, leading to improved quality.
Parts are clamped into Abtex end deburring systems, and
each machine is activated
by “deadman”switches,
increasing operator safety.
Specifications presented here are
for Abtex’s most popular end
deburring systems. However, any of these systems can be
customized, or Abtex engineers
can design a totally custom
system for your application.
  • Benefits To You
    Removes burrs quickly and completely  regardless of work piece geometry.
  •  Lateral surface finish not affected.
Requires minimal operator training and skill.
 Removes burrs quicly and completely
regardless of work piece geometry
Lateral surfaces finish not affected
Reduces operator fatigue
Small foot print designs
Safe guard features
Requires minimal operator training and skill
Customized engineered solutions available





Abtex End Deburring Systems

See Videos for Deburring Systems of Aluminum End Profiles


 Single Head Semi-Automatic End Deburring System

Click to view Single Head Semi-Automatic End Deburring System video

Double Head Flow-Through


Click to view Double Head Flow-Through System video

 Double End Tube Deburring System
Click to view Double End Tube Deburring System video

Abtex Turnamat Tube and Pipe Deburring System
 Click to view Abtex Turnamat Tube and Pipe Deburring System video

 Aluminum Extrusion Deburr

Challenge: After saw cutting operation part ends need to be made burr free for handling and downstream operation.

Current process: Customer has been using abrasive nylon and wire brushes on a buffing stand but results have been inconsistent and an increase in orders requires another method be found.


Aluminum Deburring Before


Aluminum Deburring After

Abtex Solution: Abrasive nylon brushes are an excellent tool for deburring aluminum extrusions but presenting the part properly to the brush is key in achieving good results. With an Abtex End Deburring System brush penetration is maintained so that consistent results are achieved from part to part. Customer can now easily handle the increase in production and at the same time has a manageable deburring process for this and other extruded parts they manufacture.

Time/labor saved: Where only a few irregular parts could be processed each minute they can now do as many as 20 parts per minute with consistent results.