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abtex Corporation Publishes End Deburring System Brochure

End Deburring System  

Abtex Corporation has published a new, four-page, full-color brochure on its line of end deburring systems.

The new brochure contains specifications for the company’s manually operated profile end preparation system, its single head semi-automatic system, double head flow-through systems for long parts and short parts, double end tube deburring system and wet dust collectors for each system.

Abtex President Mark Fultz notes that the brochure is intended to display the company’s system capabilities for this application. These machines can be considered “standard” systems, but many times we are customizing them for specific customer needs.

The attractive brochure’s cover photo is close-up of a part being deburred, superimposed in the hub of a disc brush. It is designed as a companion piece to the company’s recently published catalog/capabilities brochure. Abtex plans to publish additional brochures on its other families of deburring system throughout the year.