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 Deburring of Fine Blanked and Stamped Parts  

Stainless Steel Machine enclosure – Superior protection from rust or deterioration.
Tri-color Machine – Powder coated to customer specification.
Continuously welded frame – prevents against coolant leaks.
All Sub-Assemblies in work area SS or Electroless plated – ibid #1.

Main Conveyor belt tracking adjustment outside of Machine enclosure – for easy, tool-less adjustment.
Cantilevered main conveyor - for easy conveyor belt change & pneumatic tensioning.

Drive motors mounted outside of Machine enclosure – to protect from coolant mist exposure.
Removable Partitions between Bays – divides areas from coolant.
Gap conveyors to insure part transfer between transfer conveyors – smooth transition between belt types.
6500 gauss rated magnetic platens to hold parts during Deburr operation – Positive part holding through the deburring process.
Quick change brush mounts – Specific to this customer.
Conveyor and P.H. Unit parallelism maintain with built-in adjustment – Insures consistent deburring and promotes extended brush life.
Programmable part Hold Down Unit to insure transfer through Demag field – Insures full demagnification of the part travelling at 20 meters per minute.
Electrical cabinet mounted to Machine frame – Condensed footprint on the manufacturing floor.
Automatic Oil and Lubrication – Less intensive preventative maintenance required.
Spare pump in transfer tank – Redundant capability to protect from overflows.

Large parts Rinse & Blow off bays – removes residual debris from deburring process and enables efficient removal of particulate.
Dovetail Slides with precision feedback – Allows for precise penetration of deburring media part after part.
Roof mounted Mist Collector – Reduces required footprint on the mfg floor.
Part entrance Vision System –
protects against overlapped, stacked, or incorrect part loading.

 Recommended Deburring Brushes
  • Benefits To You
    This system is capable of deburring single side of a fine blanked part in a single pass using 3- planetary heads.
  • Three custom designed 254mm flap discs on the first head remove the primary
    stamping burr.

Six 254mm, application-specific abrasive filament brushes on the second and third heads eliminate secondary burrs and
provide the specified edge radius.

The three planetary head system removes the burrs on parts ranging from 3mm thick
to 0.40mm.

This results in an annual throughput of more than 15 million parts.
The machine can be either bulk fed (operator or robot) or fed directly by the upstream press.
The system also communicates with the upstream press, centralized coolant system
and downstream conveyors to ensure safe, efficient and effective part processing.

Coolant is liberally applied during the deburring operation to ensure part cleanliness and extend media life.
Gap conveyor smoothly transfers parts to a heavy rinse station and demagnetization
and blow-off bays that efficiently remove any residual debris/particulate.












Fine Blanked Specs

Tri-Ten 3 Head Deburring System

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 Deburring System for Fine Blanked Parts
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Deburring Equipment Flow Through System
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 Fine Blank Deburr

Challenge:  This customer produces a variety of fineblanked parts and was looking to increase their deburring capacity along with making their deburring process more efficient and cost effective.

Current process:  Being deburred on some older equipment these parts would first have the primary burrs removed by a belt sanding operation and then the remaining secondary burrs would be addressed by abrasive nylon brushes.


Fine Blank Before


Fine Blank After

Abtex Solution:  By going with one of our Tri-Ten Planetary Deburring Systems the customer is now able to remove both the primary and secondary burrs with a similar approach. Taking the place of the abrasive belts a burred part upon entry to our machine first passes under a planetary head equipped with our coated abrasive flap discs. Unlike belts these discs are continually exposing new abrasive as they wear which keeps the primary burr removal process much more consistent and allows the abrasive nylon brushes to perform better.