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Deburring of Green Powder Metal Parts 




The deburring of PM parts is commonly performed in a batch
This typically involves loading a
quantity of parts into a vibratory bowl filled with abrasive media.
The vibration of the bowl causes the
abrasive media, and parts, to "flow". This interaction between the
media and parts gradually abrades
all surfaces of the part.

Drawbacks to this process include
part impingement upon one another,
waste generation, lodging of media
into the part, deburring of unnecessary areas on the part
and the inherent vibration and noise
created by the operation of these

This paper discusses an abrasive
filament medium which is ideal for
deburring and edge radiusing PM parts.

When formatted into a brushing tool,
it can be applied on machine based
systems for semi-automated or
fully automated deburring of PM components.
Through proper application, it is possible to gain the advantages of productivity, quality, and
economics without the negatives
associated with alternative methods.


Recommended Brushes - 1
Recommended Brushes - 2

  • Benefits To You
    Protects your design -- removes only burrs,
    preserving base material;
    maintains each part’s unique geometry.


Saves money -- deburrs top and bottom of each part
in a single pass, providing
you the lowest per-piece deburring cost.

Increases efficiency -- deburrs green parts while they’re still
inexpensive to work with.

Meets your exact need – brushes are easily
customized for your specific parts.

Keeps up with your press and
communicates both upstream and down.

Ruggedly built for 24/7 use.

Portable – built on casters for easy movement around
your shop floor.

Adapts to your individual lines – easily cranks up or down
up to 10 inches for perfect
interface with existing equipment.

Abtex designers are available to configure a solution for your specific needs.

 Deburring Green Metal Parts

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