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In Machine Deburring
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Deburring of Machined Parts

Boost your efficiency by incorporating deburring into any CNC machine

Abtex In-Machine Deburring System
The Abtex In-Machine
Deburring System is designed
to become an integral part of
any CNC machine, bringing
unimagined efficiency to any
manufacturing operation.

In-Machine Deburring System

In-Machine Deburring System

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  Abtex In-Machine Deburring Kit
The Abtex In-machine Deburring Kit
provides everything you need to build
deburring power into your CNC machine
with no additional floorspace required.

In Machine Deburring Kit
What's in the box - (Item #0629940)
Your In-machine Deburring Kit consists of:

One 4”, V-tufted, Abtex-manufactured
silicon-carbide deburring brush capable
of quickly eliminating dangerous burrs
from machined steel or aluminum parts

One Abtex 1” drive arbor, with a center
hole to allow coolant feed, designed
for easy mounting in your machine

Quick, simple installation

You simply mount the brush to the arbor
and the arbor to your machine.
You’re up and running in minutes.

  Benefits to you:
Abtex quality deburring built right into your CNC machine

High-quality brush, with thousands of
abrasive grains
smoothing and
finishing your parts

Simple Installation

Quick and easy brush changes

Everything you need in one box




In-Machine Deburring Brush
Like to try an Abtex solution absolutely free?
Facing a productivity challenge
with a hard-to-deburr part? Let us know. Our engineers will be happy to help you improve your current process by showing what Abtex brushes and machines can do on your most difficult part.

  • Abtex Corporation. Dedicated to deburring excellence since 1980.

Another quality innovation
from Abtex

Since 1980, Abtex Corporation has been
supplying machine/brush deburring solutions that help major
manufacturers achieve and
maintain their quality objectives.

The Abtex In-machine Deburring Kit expands the Abtex line of
high-quality solutions with a new
technology that allows you to
incorporate deburring into any CNC
manufacturing center, saving you time
and space and enhancing your productivity.
How it works
Once mounted, your Abtex brush applies thousands of abrasive grains along the edge of the part. As the brush’s filaments are forced up and over the burrs, their cutting energy is transferred directly to where it’s needed, creating a clean, burr-free edge.
In-Machine Deburring Brush 


Machined Part Deburr
Challenge:  Customer is doing small runs of this and other machined parts and is looking for a better way to remove remaining burrs.
Current process:  After removal from the machining center the operator with various hand tools works at removing the burrs while the next part is machined.





Machine Applications Deburring Before

Machine Applications Deburring After  


Abtex Solution:  To achieve more consistent results the deburring operation was moved into the machining center and done with abrasive nylon brushes made by Abtex. One of our 4” 80 grit disc brushes was able to remove the burrs and at the same time provide a light edge radius to what were before sharp areas on the part. With the help of modified fixturing multiple parts can now be machined and deburred leaving the operator free and reducing repetitive motion issues.

Polycarbonate Deburr

Challenge:  Customer is turning down a large volume of polycarbonate plastic shells on a lathe to reduce their diameter. The cutting tool leaves a "stringy" burr as shown in the "before" picture.


Current process:  Customer was using deburring knife by hand to remove excess material/burrs. The process is time consuming given the complex geometry of the part and risks repetitive motion injury for the operator.



Polycarbonate Deburring Before

Polycarbonate Deburring After

Abtex Solution:  Abtex recommended contacting the rotating part in the lathe with a 6", .040"/80 grit radial wheel brush. The lathe operator holds the stationary radial wheel against the rotating polycarbonate shell to remove burrs in one direction. The lathe operator then reverses lathe direction and again holds the radial wheel against the shell. As seen in the "after" photo, burrs are completely removed.

Time/labor saved:  Approximately 1 minute/part