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Abtex Deburring System Enhances Safety and Production for Leading Canadian Chute Manufacturer

Since 1990, Superchute has invented and manufactured chute systems, debris nets, guardrail systems and column forms, primarily for the construction industry. The LaSalle, Canada-based company (near Montreal) prides itself on continuously inventing creative solutions for keeping construction workers and the general public safe during construction projects and beyond.

  • Andy Anson
  • Superchute
  • Canada

Superchute Case History (PDF Size - 213 KB)

Abtex Helps Top Fishing-Equipment Manufacturer Maintain Quality, Cut Costs

The company manufactures various mounts, rod storage devices, downriggers, planer reels and masts, electronics and accessories at its Chesaning, Michigan plant. Quality is built into the company’s culture, and all its products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Jeff Miller
  • Traxstech
  • Michigan

Traxstech Case Study (PDF Size - 218 KB)

Abtex Corp. Helps Electronics Manufacturer Boost Quality and Productivity

    Protocase, Inc. manufactures fully custom sheet-metal electronics enclosures and mounting hardware, with an emphasis on quality. Their customer list includes some of the world’s largest and most quality-conscious companies, including Apple, Boeing, General Motors and the U.S. Army. Protocase promises customers two-to-three-day turnaround from CAD drawing to finished product, so maximum productivity is essential.

    • Brian McCormick
    • Protocase
    • Nova Scotia

    Protcase Case Study (PDF Size - 210 KB)

    "We have implemented a program to do four fans each year until they're all done due to the time constraints of our outages.  Your brushes make it possible for us to do that.  The speed in which your team reacted to our order was incredible to say the least."

    • Doug Reed
    • High Desert Power
    • California

    PDFRead the full story about how Abtex was able to help High Desert Power (PDF Size - 84KB)

    "We needed a deburring system to integrate into our line for a pack out system. It had to be able to deburr multiple surfaces and we wanted it to compensate for brush wear. Abtex's applications engineers were extremely responsive in their deburring sample parts and in their interface with our customer. I was impressed with their attention to detail and the thought that went into the unit. We and our Fortune 500 customer would go back to Abtex in a minute."

    • Dan Schwab
    • Distech Systems
    • NY

    "We took the machine off the truck and within minutes we were deburring parts. The hassle-free setup allowed for a quick turnaround. This machine is a Cinderella story. As soon as you load a part in, it comes right back to you... without burrs! You literally cannot feed the parts in quick enough, it's that fast. Whether you're running a manual feed/unload or an automatic conveyor system, this machine will produce results. The speed of the process and the quality of the finished product is magical!"

    • Ray Lavigne
    • Lavigne Manufacturing
    • Rhode Island

    PDFRead the full story about how Abtex was able to help Lavigne Manufacturing, Inc. (PDF Size - 176KB)

    "Since installing the Abtex deburring system, we increased deburring production 55 to 60 percent, and the quality exceeds manual operation. I highly recommend it."

    • Dwight Knowles
    • Elixir Industries
    • Georgia

    "The Short Parts Thru Feed Deburring Machine from Abtex has changed the way we think about deburring short parts. We have very few parts that we still tumble. Also, I don't know why, but the brushes seem to last forever."

    • Tom Zurewich
    • Indalex America
    • Mideast Aluminum Division
    • Pennsylvania