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At Abtex, One Size Does Not Fit All

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We, at Abtex, consider abrasive filament brushes to be engineered tools. So should you, assuming that you want the most effective and efficient brush for your specific application. For the past 33 years, our sole brush focus has been on the design and manufacture of application specific abrasive filament brushes. Combining our years of experience with a unique and flexible manufacturing process allows us to tailor our brushing tools for your specific needs. In the end, this is what our success is built around; the idea that one-size never fits all in the world of brushes and deburring.

The innovative filaments in Abtex brushes are made of heat stabilized nylon and abrasive grains that is co-extruded into a monofilament. By securing this tough and flexible abrasive filament into a durable polyurethane backing/hub, we create a brush with greater filament density, offering longer life and shorter cycle times.

At Abtex, virtually every feature of the brush is a controllable variable including:
  • Filament diameter

  • Filament shape

  • Grit size

  • Grit type

  • % of grit

  • Filament density

  • Filament length

  • Mounting method

With 33 years of applications experience, we know how one small change in any of these variables can mean the difference between your process success or failure. So, if you are having a hard time finding the perfect brush for your application, or simply want to try the best, then you need to talk with us today. You have nothing to lose but your burrs!