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Deburring of Sintered Powder Metal Parts   



The deburring of PM parts is commonly performed in a batch
This typically involves loading
a quantity of parts into a vibratory
bowl filled with abrasive media.
The vibration of the bowl causes
the abrasive media, and parts, 
to "flow". This interaction
between the media and parts
gradually abrades all surfaces
of the part.

Drawbacks to this process
include part impingement
upon one another, waste generation, lodging of media into the part,
deburring of unnecessary areas
on the part and the inherent
vibration and noise created by the operation of these systems
This paper discusses an abrasive
filament medium which is ideal for
deburring and edge radiusing PM parts.
When formatted into a brushing tool, it can be applied on machine based systems for semi-automated
or fully automated deburring
of PM components.
Through proper application, it is possible to gain the advantages
of productivity, quality, and economics without the negatives associated
with alternative methods


Recommended Brushes

  • Benefits To You
    Significantly higher filament to part contact
    than with traditional heads. 

  •  Ratio can be adjusted to eliminate "dead spots" and achieve optimal deburring.
Increased parts per hour
throughput for maximum productivity.
Provides constant and recorded readings for
brush penetration control, which maximizes brush life.
Allows operator to change full brush set in only a few
System can be programmed
according to customer drawings/
drawing numbers.
Provides broad coverage of
error-event safeguards.
Easy maintenance access.
Provides ease of maintenance,
and ensures best service life in wet process systems.

Powder Metal Paper


See Videos for Deburring of Sintered Powder Metal Parts


 Tri-Ten U-Series Deburring Systems
Click to view Tri-Ten U-Series Deburring Systems  video

Tri-Ten Two-Side Flow-Through System
Click to view Tri-Ten Two-Side Flow-Through System video

 Sintered Powdered Metal

Challenge:  Customer is a large automotive parts supplier and needed to remove burrs left by a double disc grinding operation.

Current process: 
This customer had an older piece of brush deburring equipment that was frequently down for repairs and with part production increasing it could not be relied upon.


Sintered Metal Deburring Before


Sintered Metal Deburring After

Abtex Solution:  Needing to improve efficiency, reliability and provide consistent burr free parts the Abtex Tri-Ten Planetary Deburring System was an ideal solution. With the brushes abrasive filaments striking the part edges from all directions and being monitored by auto compensation software burr removal and edge radius quality were both improved. By using the Abtex Planetary System this customer was able to improve part quality with a higher production rate which allowed them to win additional business. They have since added two more Abtex Planetary units to their facility.