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Abtex Introduces Profile End Preparation (PEP) system

Abtex Corporation has introduced a compact, portable, affordable system for deburring aluminum extrusion profiles. Engineers deburr profile samples of extrusions to assure quality control inspections throughout the extrusion process.

The new system is just 24” wide, 24” long and 48” high. The operator clamps the sample part in place and then manually feeds the part across the face of the 8” abrasive filament brush. When the part carrier makes contact with the limit switch, the 2 HP, 1750 RPM electric motor reverses direction for the return feed against the brush.

The Abtex system produces consistently uniform results, removing burrs quickly and completely regardless of work piece geometry. Yet the lateral surface finish is not affected. The system can be set up quickly and its operation requires minimal training and skill. The result is a cleaner and safer operation.