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We, at Abtex, consider abrasive filament brushes to be engineered tools. So should you, assuming that you want the most effective and efficient brush for your specific application. For the past 33 years, our sole focus has been on the design and manufacture of application specific abrasive filament brushes. Combining our years of experience with a unique and flexible manufacturing process allows us to tailor our brushing tools for your specific needs.

Abrasive filament is typically applied where a surface contamination, sharp edge, or burr needs to be removed without negatively impacting the critical geometry or structure of the work piece.
  Quality Deburring Tools

Quality Deburring Tools   Because the filaments are flexible and compliant, they can work on parts with complex geometries. Common applications abrasive filament brushes are end deburring of saw cut aluminum extrusions, surface deburring of double disc ground steel parts, precision ground powdered metal parts, fineblanked parts, machined aluminum automotive wheels, honing of carbide inserts and tools as well as various other machined parts.

There are many advantages to using abrasive filaments over traditional wire brushes, such as:
• Flexibility
• Durability
• Self sharpening feature
• Limit of their aggressiveness

Thanks to years of experience in custom design and the fact that nearly everything we make is American made, you can have confidence in our customization abilities and the quality of our products.

The satisfaction of our customers is top priority at Abtex, whether it’s an Abrasive Filament Brush or one of our many other brushes or systems. Contact us today so you can not only get the job done, but get it done the best way.