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On this page you can view or download in-depth technical papers on deburring aluminum extrusions and powdered metal components as well as general information on abrasive filaments. We'll add new documents here from time to time.

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PDFFeatures and Benefits of Abtex Abrasive Brushing Tools (PDF Size - 8 KB)
By Abtex Corporation

Abtex Corporation manufactures Abtex abrasive filament brushing tools. Since 1979 we have focused exclusively on the formatting of abrasive filaments in various brush configurations. This concentration has afforded us a tremendous understanding of the capabilities and applications of abrasive filament brushing tools. We have also developed the necessary process flexibility in order to modify the characteristics of the brushing tool to optimize it for a specific application.

PDFFiber Abrasive Finishing Systems for End-Deburring Extruded Aluminum Profiles (PDF Size - 151KB)
By D. Mark Fultz, President

The expanding use of aluminum extruded shapes is placing higher quality demands on extruders and fabricators. Electronics related applications such as heat dissipation components (heat sinks) require that there be no loose flakes or burrs. Other applications with functional considerations as well as safety and esthetic are forcing the industry to supply sawn ends which are burr free and slightly radiused.

This paper discusses an abrasive medium which is ideal for end deburring aluminum extrusions. When formatted into a disc brushing tool, it can be applied on a machine based system for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated end deburring of aluminum extrusion ends. It is a practical and efficient process which offers increased productivity, safety, and consistently high quality levels. This process has been proven with over 100 installations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

PDFWhy Planetary Brushing? (PDF Size - 35KB)
By Steve Gleason- Application Technician, Abtex Corporation

Are you trying to remove burrs from flat metal parts? Although abrasive nylon brushes have been used for more than 37 years for this operation, understanding the need for planetary motion of the brushes is taking on a new importance for most applications. With tighter part tolerances, just removing the burr is not good enough anymore. To achieve more controlled edge radiusing and ensure uniform application to all areas of the part, there is no better approach than planetary brush deburring.

PDFAbrasive Filament Brush Deburring of Powdered Metal Components (PDF Size - 780KB)
By D. Mark Fultz, President

The deburring of PM parts is commonly performed in a batch process. This typically involves loading a quantity of parts into a vibratory bowl filled with abrasive media. The vibration of the bowl causes the abrasive media, and parts, to "flow". This interaction between the media and parts gradually abrades all surfaces of the part. Drawbacks to this process include part impingement upon one another, waste generation, lodging of media into the part, deburring of unnecessary areas on the part and the inherent vibration and noise created by the operation of these systems.

This paper discusses an abrasive filament medium which is ideal for deburring and edge radiusing PM parts. When formatted into a brushing tool,it can be applied on machine based systems for semi-automated or fully automated deburring of PM components. Through proper application, it is possible to gain the advantages of productivity, quality, and economics without the negatives associated with alternative methods.

PDFFiberAbrasive Deburring of Plastic Products (PDF Size - 31KB)

Fiber abrasive brushes are typically used to deburr extrusions and castings made from aluminum and other metals. Now these alternatives to wire and other highly abrasive brushes are being used to deburr molded plastic pieces.


Definiton of MSFS- Refers to Maximum Safe Free Speed.

ANSI B165.1 It is the speed at which a product is rated to safely run when not under a load.


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