Where machine, brush, and burr intersect, Abtex dominates

Since 1980, Abtex has been meeting and exceeding the deburring requirements of the world’s most quality-conscious manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of deburring brushes and systems in its worldwide headquarters and manufacturing facility in Dresden, New York, USA.

Dedicated to brush deburring from the start, Abtex is the only company in the world to design and manufacture both brushes and deburring machinery made to work perfectly together. The company makes strategic use of its 40 plus years of experience to provide its customers with maximum efficiency and economy in deburring solutions.

Abtex has become a world leader in deburring technology by always honoring its commitment to a professional  “family feeling” in employment. Many employees have built decades-long careers, enjoying the benefits of a creative and productive environment while maintaining a positive work/life balance.

Products and Markets

Abtex custom deburring solutions are most commonly found on the manufacturing floors of aluminum and powdered metal manufacturers as well as fine-blanking and finishing/polishing operations.

Most of these manufacturers serve the automotive, aerospace, and medical device markets.

The company manufactures and supplies stock deburring brushes under the Bradex® brand, but it is more widely known for its creativity and expertise in custom-designing brushes and deburring systems for manufacturers for whom efficient operation is paramount.

Abtex is also the exclusive North American supplier of Artifex elastic bonded abrasive finishing/polishing products.

Applications Lab

Abtex’s “nerve center” is its Applications Lab in Dresden, NY

Here, Abtex engineers demonstrate the company’s value by designing and building actual deburring solutions for real customer problems, using the customer’s real parts as test cases.

Deburred parts are then returned to customers as tangible evidence of how Abtex can enhance manufacturing productivity and efficiency.

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