See Abtex featured in the September/October publication of Gear Technology!

Below is a preview of the article:

“Chamfering and deburring have been described as “unloved,” a “necessary evil” and, in fact—“dead.” After all, manual deburring is still common in many shops. Meanwhile, this is one of three articles in this issue of Gear Technology dedicated to chamfering and deburring. Invoking Mark Twain, it is fair to say that any thought of its demise is not only premature but misinformed. Indeed, chamfering and deburring are vital steps in making gears for aerospace, automotive, medical devices and robotics, to cite just a handful. And while smaller module gears are still a sweet spot, larger gears are now being improved by the chamfer-deburr process. Chamfering-deburring is indeed a “necessary evil” in that it can add additional cost and time to the final part. But it also adds something that in today’s manufacturing trumps pricing — quality. That quality is why chamfered-and-deburred gears are typically required by many industries.”

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