Abtex LLC recently designed and quickly built a deburring system for Western Shelter, the organization whose emergency shelter buildings are currently in high demand for COVID-19 relief operations.

Western Shelter’s primary structural material is aluminum, selected for its light weight, strength, and durability — all required for the necessarily rapid construction of emergency field buildings.

Abtex is well known in the world of aluminum manufacturing. With more than four decades of experience and expertise in designing deburring systems specifically to improve the precision and the handling safety of aluminum extrusions, the company was a natural choice as Western Shelter’s deburring partner.

“Because of their quality orientation and need for speed, Western Shelters has become the preferred choice of disaster and medical-response communities,” said Abtex President Jason Saner. “FEMA US&R teams have used them exclusively in response to every major hurricane over the past 24 years. We are proud to support them in this important mission.”

The Abtex Manual Deburring system is scheduled to be shipped to Western Shelter’s primary production facility in Eugene, OR next week.

Since 1980, Abtex has been enhancing the production operations of quality-conscious manufacturers worldwide with a wide range of custom-engineered deburring brushes, systems, and automation innovations designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Western Shelter is one of the more recent. www.abtex.com

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