Abtex began building end deburring machinery, using abrasive filament brushes, almost 37 years ago. The approach was to design simple, yet effective, systems which were built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in a challenging production environment. That many of our original machines are still in operation is testimony to our success with this approach.

Abrasive filament brushes are selective in their deburring action. The flexible filaments conform to irregular shapes and surfaces. In action, the filaments drag against sharp edges, providing a flexible filing action. The filaments are aggressive enough to slightly radius a sharp edge without further affecting the dimensions of the part.

End deburring saw cut aluminum extrusions is a perfect application for abrasive filament brushes. Abtex builds a line of machines for this purpose, ranging from single end, semiautomatic systems to double end systems capable of deburring thousands of parts/hour. Whether relatively low volume, high volume, short parts, long parts or everything in between. Abtex can provide a safe, effective and efficient means for end deburring your parts.

Contact us to discuss your specific application. If a standard machine will not fit, we can customize a system for your requirements.

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