Abtex developed the process of using an abrasive filament disc brush for deburring extrusions in 1981. Since then, virtually every extruder in North America who fabricates has one or more of our systems.

Our single head-end deburring machines for saw cut aluminum extrusions are available in either a manual or a semiautomatic configuration. Single-end systems are typically used by those with lower volume deburring needs. Within the system, an application-specific customized abrasive deburring brushing tool is rotated on the vertical plane, and the extrusion end is presented, in a controlled manner, to the face of the brush by the deburring equipment. Precise presentation of the extrusion end to the face of the brush limits abrasive action to the burred surface and provides effective and efficient deburring of any profile shape. Double head-end systems also available from Abtex for higher production rates.

Current video-Semi-Automatic System: The ease of setup and 360° brush deburring action found in the manual deburring machine are also inherent in the semiautomatic machine. Once the operator has loaded the extrusion(s), two palm buttons are pressed. This action initiates the pneumatic clamping mechanism and the table begins its range of motion. By removing operator involvement in the clamping and table traverse mechanisms, operator fatigue has been reduced and cycle time consistency has increased. Once the palm buttons have been pressed this system completes the deburring cycle in approximately 8 seconds. Our testing has shown an average of 3 cycles per minute are possible when loading and unloading are included in the time studies.

Also available is a Manual System: Setup and operation of this deburring machine require minimal training. Necessary adjustments for extrusion dimensions and desired brush penetration are easily made. The operator then secures the extrusion to the table with the clamping “arm” and begins to move the table through its range of motion. The extrusion end is first passed through the upper half of the deburring brush. As the table reaches its travel limit, the motor/brush assembly indexes upward, and the extrusion returns through the lower half of the brush, completing the deburring cycle. Cycle time is variable.

Single-end deburring machines accommodate parts measuring from 4″ to 46″ in length.
Table extension is available for parts over 46″ in length.
Fixturing can be designed to accommodate parts measuring less than 4″ in length.

With our well-equipped Applications Lab, as well as our expertise in deburring brush manufacturing, application evaluation, and total system design, Abtex is uniquely qualified to meet your part finishing requirements. Let’s talk about how Abtex can help you with your part finishing challenges. The combination of our deburring brush manufacturing and application expertise and our historic deburring machine design capability will provide you with the best total Deburring System available in the industry.

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