When there is a project that needs to be completed, most people want to get the job done with no interruptions or issues. Here at Abtex, we feel the same exact way. When our customers have a job to do, we work to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

The secret behind our ability to help our customers and provide high-quality service and products year-round lies in our 34 plus years of deburring knowledge and skill. This has allowed us to create custom brushes and deburring systems specific to the needs of our customers.  The catalyst in our product development has been and continues to be the satisfaction of our customers.

At Abtex, our ultimate goal is to use the latest technology to develop the most productive and cost-effective deburring method available. If you want to improve the quality, consistency, and bottom line of your deburring process, and let our outstanding engineers and technicians custom design the perfect deburring system for you!

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