As the electrification of vehicles increases, deburring the complex parts creates new challenges, which are being solved by utilizing Abtex’s abrasive filament brushing and automated systems technology.
The New Challenge.
  • Electric Vehicles – Aluminum Extruded/Machined Components
  • Battery Trays – Sharp edges from the Stamping/Machining Process
  • Electric Parking Brakes – Deburring of Blanked Parts or PM Gears
  • Lighter Materials- Precision Deburring of Specific Areas
Why Abrasive Brush Deburring?
  • Tighter Spec/Closer Tolerances
  • Reduction of Potential Injury/improved Handling
  • Speeding Up Manufacturing Throughput
  • Eliminate of Batch Deburring
  • Reduction of Particle Contamination
  • Improved Part Fit-Up
  • Ample Opportunity for Automation
The Solution.
Send us your parts and we’ll do the rest to solve your deburring challenge
Are you looking for solutions to improve your deburring Fine Blanked, Powdered Metal or Aluminum parts? The Applications Lab Program here at Abtex is ready to help! Send us your parts and we’ll determine the best possible abrasive filament brushing solution for your specific application. Once we receive your parts, we will provide you with our recommendation and instructions on how to apply it.
What do you get when you send in your parts?
Test results typically include:
  • Abrasive filament brush recommendations
  • Before and after photos
  • Recommendations for operating speeds, feeds and tooling paths
  • Available automation options for your application
Don’t wait to solve your deburring challenges. Send us your parts today!

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