For more than 4 decades, Abtex has been evolving along with the aluminum industry, creating new deburring solutions for the problems of the day. Abtex designs customized deburring brushes and systems to enhance the quality and productivity of aluminum manufacturers worldwide.

Abtex engineers are leading the way in developing innovative robotic technologies for the efficient deburring of complex aluminum parts. All Abtex robotic projects begin with an engineering assessment of the deburring application and requirements. Completely removing burrs and radiusing edges will ensure that each part meets even the most stringent quality standards.

Abtex engineers custom-design abrasive-filament brushes specifically for each application. Each brush deburrs and radiuses critical edges so it is important to make sure the following are properly determined for each application:
Custom filament type, diameter and length
Custom abrasive grit type, size, and loading
Custom design and construction

Brush filament, abrasive, and construction are always selected and engineered for the specific task.
Abtex’s decades of engineering expertise ensure that customized brush and robotic technology produce absolute precision and consistency in the deburring process. Abtex utilizes robots to control the following process parameters to ensure the part is properly and constantly deburred:
Rotational and linear speeds
Complex interface angles
Brush depth and position
Minor incrementations as brush wears

The disc brush deburrs flat, machined surfaces and edges without dimensionally changing the workpiece. The disc brush was Abtex’s first product in 1980. It has been instrumental in Abtex’s worldwide leadership in aluminum deburring.

A specially designed end brush is used to deburr and radius the precision contours and edges of highly engineered slots and other challenging features. Some parts require a final pass to ensure that secondary burrs are completely removed.

Today, Abtex engineers continue to lead the way in developing innovative technologies for the most efficient deburring of complex aluminum parts.

The combination of custom-designed brushes and expertly programmed robotics ensures a perfect deburring solution for any aluminum application where precision, consistency, and productivity are required.



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