For the past 33 years, Abtex has been focused on producing, and applying, abrasive filament brushes for removing burrs from metal parts.  The applications knowledge gained has shown that the most effective and efficient way to deburr flat surfaces is with disc brushes applied in a planetary motion.  With tighter part tolerances, just removing the burr is not good enough anymore. To achieve more accurate and controlled edge radiusing, and to ensure uniform application to all areas of the part, there is no better approach than planetary head deburring.

Each Abtex planetary head employs three-disc brushes, each measuring ten inches in diameter. Each head therefore provides over 200 square inches of abrasive surface area.  Abtex has designed its planetary head system with separate drives for turret and brushes.  With speed and direction independent of one another, it provides infinite capability to fine tune the process for specific needs.

One common approach to processing flat parts has been to convey them through one or more fixed position brushes. Whether you pass parts through the center, off-center or some combination of both, it is virtually impossible to evenly strike all the edges. Parts deburred this way exhibits variations in edge radius from one side to another and often have problems areas where little deburring takes place at all. In addition to this, running small parts through this type of setup will give you different results than what you find in larger ones. Correctly applied planetary brushing, however, eliminates this.

As deburring specifications continue to tighten, planetary brushing will be the technology of choice to provide consistent and reliable results.  Abtex has the unique ability to produce application-specific brushes and the machinery to effectively and efficiently apply them. To find out more about planetary brushing or any of our other products, contact us today!

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