A solution for every deburring need!

Whether you need a single brush or an entire, robotics-driven, automated system, Abtex provides the ideal solution for maximum deburring productivity.

Abtex Deburring Systems: Customer Innovations in Progress

In Abtex’s manufacturing facility in Dresden, New York, you will find no warehouse of deburring systems.

Instead, you’ll find a busy manufacturing floor containing customer innovations in progress– unique solutions to customer deburring needs.

Machine shells, frames, robots, conveyor systems, motors, planetary heads, and parts-moving devices — all developed in the imagination of our engineers and resulting in systems that will soon dramatically enhance the efficiency of a customer’s manufacturing operation.

Below you will find examples of systems that have solved deburring problems for some of the world’s most quality-conscious manufacturers.

But your solution will be unique, based on the characteristics of your parts. At this point, the only deburring problem we haven’t solved is yours.

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