Deburring brushes were Abtex’s first products and remain an essential element of the company’s product line.

Brushes Wide Angle

Abtex manufactures and distributes Bradex® standard brushes with abrasive filaments, as well as custom-engineered brushes with filaments uniquely formatted into an extremely strong, formulated base.

Most Abtex brushes are unique creations, designed and manufactured to solve specific customer deburring problems. These engineered, custom brushes are central to all Abtex deburring solutions. A unique manufacturing process allows us to infinitely vary any aspect of the brush to meet your specific needs, and brush technology is continuously evolving in the Abtex Applications Lab.

Available Filament Types:

  • Silicon Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Diamond

Abtex brushes are designed for maximum effectiveness on any deburring task. They represent the perfect blend of filament type and density, grit density, and the ability to destroy burrs of any size or shape while maintaining the precise tolerances of the underlying material. Download and print this PDF for application information.

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