Abtex Custom Deburring Systems for
Aluminum, Fineblanking, and Powdered Metal

In Abtex’s manufacturing facility in Dresden, New York, you will find no warehouse of deburring systems.

Instead, you’ll find a busy manufacturing floor containing customer innovations in progress – unique, engineered solutions to the deburring needs of automotive, aerospace, and medical-device customers worldwide.

Machine shells, frames, robots, conveyor systems, motors, planetary heads, and parts-moving devices – all developed in the imagination of our engineers and being built into systems that will soon dramatically enhance the efficiency of a customer’s manufacturing operation.

Below you will find examples of systems that have solved deburring problems for some of the world’s most quality-conscious Aluminum, Fineblanking, and Powdered Metal manufacturers. Think of them only as possibilities for the unique solution to your deburring problem.

The only deburring problem we haven’t solved is yours, Contact us today.