The fineblanking industry eagerly welcomed the Abtex Tri-Ten when it was introduced in 2013. Abtex’s innovative approach and commitment to customer collaboration set the company apart in the industry. Abtex has designed fineblanking deburring solutions with up to four planetary heads.

Equipped with specialized Abtex abrasive fineblanking brushes, the Tri-Ten’s planetary head design and creative parts handling inventions have now solved deburring problems for some of the world’s foremost fineblanking manufacturers.

In these videos, you’ll see one, two, three, and four-head Abtex Tri-Ten’s demonstrating why brush deburring is a far superior form of deburring, and why the Tri-Ten offers the perfect solution for fineblanking manufacturers.

And below a video showing a custom solution using four ten-inch abrasives filament brushes for surface preparation.

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Is the Tri-Ten a perfect solution for your fineblanking deburring problems? Call us to find out.

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