Abtex custom deburring systems with genuine Abtex brushes provide the perfect solution for powdered-metal manufacturers seeking to enhance their product quality and productivity.

The Abtex Tri-Ten Deburring platform has been customized to master a wide range of deburring challenges on both green and sintered parts.

Abtex powdered-metal deburring solutions:

  • protect your design — removing only burrs while maintaining each part’s unique geometry
  • save you money — deburr top and bottom of each part in a single pass, providing you the lowest per-piece deburring cost
  • increase efficiency — deburr green parts while they’re still inexpensive to work with
  • meet your exact need — brushes easily customized for your specific parts
  • keep up with your press and communicate both upstream and down
  • are ruggedly built for 24/7 use
  • offer maximum portability — built on casters for easy movement around your shop floor
  • adapt to your individual lines — crank up or down up to 10 inches for perfect interface with existing equipment
  • save floor space, with a footprint as small as 4′ x 4′

Do you have a difficult powder-metal deburring problem? Check out the following videos about Abtex deburring systems that have been customized to master specialized powder-metal deburring challenges:

Here’s the Abtex Tri-Ten-Ten system deburring a sintered powder-metal part with a Return-to-Operator (RTO) feature.

Watch the video

Deburring a gear with burrs in two different places — on a flat area about the size of a nickel, and on the gear teeth themselves. Each V-shaped tooth needed deburring on all surfaces. Each gear was flipped in the machine so the deburring brushes could do their work–reaching every surface to be deburred. All in less than six seconds!

Deburring a green powdered metal part

Using robotics as part of an innovative custom solution.

Powder-metal deburring systems have also been designed to:

  • use up to four 10-inch nylon abrasive filament brushes, two above and two below the part
  • deploy an offset planetary head to deburr the upward-facing surface, then move parts to a continuous parts turn-over conveyor that flips them for opposite-side deburring
  • include mist collection systems and coolant filtration systems, and a paper bed filter for final filtration
  • deburr two surfaces, one flat (with a 6″ brush) and one counterbored (with a 2″ brush)

Systems can also be equipped with Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Mitsubishi controllers with ethernet communication, featuring touch screen input and display, and 200+ unique part number program storage.

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